2021 Back to School 
Virtual Fundraiser

As we begin the month of Elul, Keshet of the Rockies is excited to begin a new academic year, making an impact on every student’s needs.

The support for intervention in academic, speech and language, and social/emotional needs requires the community to make this school year successful.

Your generous gift will go directly to funding resource programs in the Jewish Day Schools. 

Not all students learn in the same conventional way that other students do.  Therefore, your donation will ensure that ALL students attending a Jewish Day School in Denver, have the resources for each student to thrive.

That's why your gift to Keshet of the Rockies is so important! 

Please open your heart and donate today. Every donation of $400 or more QUALIFIES FOR THE COLORADO CHILD CARE TAX CREDIT.  What is the result of your tzedakah?

Students with special needs will fully integrate into a mainstream environment, accessing resources to become more successful and achieve their educational goals.

Please donate today and honor the memory of Dr. Stuart Gottesfeld.

At this particular time, it is especially meaningful and worthy to continue his legacy of support for our children. As we commit to our community, through our generous gift of tzedakah, let us all be reminded that we are truly acknowledging and advancing the legacy of our beloved Dr. G.

A great and ever improving education for Jewish children with special needs does not happen on its own. It’s dependent on people who care about providing a stellar Jewish education to ALL Denver children.

This cause is so important that a group of donors has challenged us to raise $150,000 in just 36 hours. To help with that goal, they have agreed to DOUBLE every dollar you donate by August 30, 2021.  

We wish you a Happy, Healthy, New Year!

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