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2023 Back to School 
Virtual Fundraiser


As we begin the month of Elul, Keshet of the Rockies support will positively impact needs for students to be successful.

There are over 100 students in all the Jewish Day Schools in Denver that require intervention in academic, speech and language, and social/emotional needs, which require community support. 

Your generous gift will go directly to funding resource programs in the Jewish Day Schools.  Therefore, your donation will ensure that ALL students attending a Jewish Day School in Denver, have the resources for each student to thrive.

Your gift to Keshet of the Rockies is so important!

Please open your heart and donate today. Every donation of $400 or more QUALIFIES FOR THE COLORADO CHILD CARE TAX CREDIT.  

What is the result of your tzedakah?

​Students with learning needs will access resources to become more successful and achieve their educational goals.

Please donate today and honor the memory of Dr. Stuart Gottesfeld.

At this particular time, it is especially meaningful and worthy to continue his legacy of support for our children. As we commit to our community, through our generous gift of tzedakah, let us all be reminded that we are truly acknowledging and advancing the legacy of our beloved Dr. G.

A great and ever improving education for Jewish children does not happen on its own. It’s dependent on people who care about providing a quality Jewish education to ALL students.

This cause is so important that a group of donors has challenged us to match $75,000 and raise a total of $150,000 in just 36 hours. 

To help with that goal, please donate by September 11, 2023.  

We wish you a Happy, Healthy, New Year!

Annual Fundraiser: Who We Are

Our Generous Donors

Chana Abrahams

Chaim Abrams

Scott and Sally Alpert

Yuriy Aminov

AYS Tzedakah Foundation

Graeme and Irit Bean

Jonathan and Denise Beren

Beth Jacob High School of Denver

Krista Boscoe

Jody Crane

Yisroel Engel

Yonina Englard

Yosef Ephrathi

Sherry Feingold

David and Sivia Fine

Aryeh Fischer

Susan Fishman

Jason Fox

Rob and Debbie Friedman

Shaul Gabbay

Tzvi and Sharon Gelt

David Gertz

Micah Goldbaum

Andrea Goldstein

Joe Golinsky

Sarah Golombek

Dr. Peter and Gabi Gottlieb

Rene Gross


Celeste Grynberg

Miriam Grynberg

Craig Halper

Larry and Cindy Halpern

Avi and Rayna Halzel

Mindy Hecht

Simon Hoffman

Andrea Hyatt


Ruth Hyman

Rudolph Indich

Rabbi Aver and Chavi Jacobs

Meryl Jacobs

Warren E Jacobs

David and Rivka Japha


Chani Kagan

Igal Kam

Rivky Kaplan

Sharon Kaplan

Steven Kaplan

Daniel Kassai


Peggy Kasloff

David Kasztl

Ahron Katz

Rabbi Jeffrey and Rhonda Kaye

Yeva Khavasova

Mordechai Nesanel Kipper

Tamar Kravitz

Daniel Levin


Yehuda Levine

Dr. Mervyn and Ann Lifschitz

Alan Linker

Chayim and Bara Loewenthal

Avi and Abby Mehler

Dr. Philip and Leah Mehler 

Rabbi Yaakov Meyer


Naomi Miller

Daniel Mogyoros

Miguel Mogyoros

Jay and Joyce Moskowitz

Eli Mozes

Neil Olesky

Sydney Olesky

Charles Ovitsky

Seth Parkoff

Essie Perlmutter

Jonathon and Lisa Perlmutter

Alan Z Pomeranz

Rochel Meira Potestio


Rhoda Reiss

Dr. Robert and Erin Salehrabi

Gabriel Sarikov

Dovid Sauer

Mara Isser Sax

Ron and Sandy Schiff

Karen Schottenstein

Avi and Shoshi Schwalb

Robert Schwartz and Vicki Trachten-Schwartz

Schwartz Computer Consulting Services

Mordechai and Karen Schweitzer

Stuart Senkfor

Esther Shaul

Asaf Shraiber

Rivka Sher

Sora Simblist

Shachne Sommers

Hannah Sperber

Lisa Stroll

Karin Susskind

Nahum and Susie Swinkin

Michelle and Yitzchak Teitelbaum

Joni Troy

Gordon Trust

Samantha Walsh

Hadassah Wasserman

Yaakov Watkins

Matthew Winter

Dr. Lynn White

Cindy Wolfe

Daniel Woodrow

Anjella Yakubova

Glenn Zazulia

Richard Zerobnick

Staci and Mark Zimmerman

Brett Zuckerman

Ahuva Zussman

Aryeh and Penina Zussman

Dovid and Meira Zussman

Elly and Lola Zussman

Ephie Zussman

Menachem and Tova Zussman

Morty and Rayna Zussman

Moshe and Yehudis Zussman

Annual Fundraiser: List
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Annual Fundraiser: Image
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